Digital Citizenship (Online Extension Course)



A four-week online extension course with Lyn Hay
Date: Monday 10th March, 2014
Duration: Four weeks + 2 weeks to submit assessment
Location: Online
Price: $799 (plus GST)
Accreditiation: NSW Institute of Teachers to AITSL National Teaching Standards (see below for details)

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A four-week online extension course with Lyn Hay.

This course is designed to provide teachers, teacher librarians, curriculum and elearning coordinators with an opportunity to develop digital citizenship policy and programs to address the specific needs of their school community. The knowledge, skills and behaviours that people of all ages as digital citizens need to develop, understand and practice are explored using Ribble’s (2011) nine elements of digital citizenship. These include: digital access, digital commerce, digital communication, digital literacy, digital etiquette, digital law, digital rights and responsibilities, digital health and wellness, and digital security.

Digital citizenship involves an understanding of the human, cultural, and societal issues related to safe, effective and ethical use of technologies in our personal and working lives. Schools need to develop a digital citizenship program that encourages students, teachers and parents to advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and technology; to exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity; to demonstrate personal responsibility for digital well-being and lifelong learning; and to exhibit leadership for digital citizenship.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define digital citizenship and identify a range of digital citizenship issues;
  • Evaluate digital technologies and social networking tools to support the teaching of digital citizenship in their school;

  • Develop a community awareness program to support discussions about digital citizenship issues in their school with students, teachers and parents

  • Model digital citizenship skills to teachers, students, and parents; and
  • Develop a matrix of relevant Australian Curriculum content and skills to underpin a school-based digital citizenship program.

The course is held over a period of 4 weeks, with participants completing on average 5 hours per week of coursework. Upon completion of the coursework and learning activities, participants are given a further 2 weeks to complete and submit their documentation for assessment, this documentation is then submitted for assessment to receive endorsed credit for 30 hours.

Class sizes will be capped at 30 to ensure individual instruction.

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