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    Guided Inquiry Design

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    Guided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Inquiry in Your School

    Carol C. Kuhlthau, Leslie K. Maniotes and Ann K. Caspari, 2012.

    Guided Inquiry© prepares today's learners for an uncertain future by providing the education that enables them to make meaning from myriad sources of information in a rapidly evolving world.

    The companion book, Guided Inquiry: Learning in the 21st Century, explains what Guided Inquiry© is, and why it is essential now.This book, Guided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Inquiry in Your School, explains how to do it.

    The first three chapters provide an overview of the Guided Inquiry Design© framework, identify the eight phases of the Guided Inquiry process, summarize the research that grounds Guided Inquiry©, and describe the five tools of inquiry that are essential to implementation. The following chapters detail the eight phases in the Guided Inquiry Design© process, providing examples at all levels from pre-K through 12th grade and concluding with recommendations for building Guided Inquiry© in your school.

    The book is suitable for pre-K-12 teachers, school librarians, and principals who are interested in and actively designing an inquiry approach to curricular learning that incorporates a wide range of resources from the library, the Internet, and the community. Staff of community resources, museum educators, and public librarians will also find the book useful for achieving student learning goals.

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