Syba Signs publishes articles from a range of professionals on current educational philosophy's and trends. We also like to share with you articles written by educational organisations which we support such as AIME. Feel free to browse and download these articles and share with your colleagues.

It's time 21st century iCentres grace our schools
Lyn Hay, 2012. Published by Syba Signs

It’s already happened in a number of Australian schools, and the plans for more are underway. As a result of the Australian Government’s Building the Education (BER) funding program, a process of re-envisioning school libraries has been experienced by many school communities in the past 2-3 years. 

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QR Codes in teaching and learning...a bridge between reality and virtuality
Chris Smith, 2011. Published by Syba Signs

QR codes (quick response codes) are similar to bar codes. Bar codes use only one dimension (vertical stripes on one horizontal axis) whereas QR codes have a two-dimensional matrix (both vertical and horizontal axes) with equal length.

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Curation is the New Search: Seven tools you may not know you can search with.
Dr Joyce Valenza, 2012. Published by Syba Signs

This year, I am teaching my kids to curate. While this is an exciting way for learners to discover how to manage their information worlds by consciously selecting and aggregating a variety of media and resources, not everyone actually needs or wants to curate every single time they research.

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It's a cartoon! It's an avatar! Its 20 super sites to a new animated you!
Gwyneth Jones, 2012. Published by Syba Signs

Want to jump-start your web presence and connect with your school community in a hip happening animated way? Channel your inner super hero with easy and fun character creators! Here’s a list of more than 20 websites that you can use to create fun avatars.

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Indigenous means Success
Published 2012 by Syba Signs

When 25 Indigenous and nonIndigenous University of Sydney students walked down to Alexandria Park Community School, in Redfern, Sydney, to meet with 25 Indigenous high school students, little did they realise that eight years later, more than 1000 Indigenous kids and 1000 uni students would be doing the same thing across the east coast of Australia.

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