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Anne Whisken has been a librarian, teacher and teacher librarian in secondary schools since the 1980’s in Victoria and Queensland, and is currently a PhD candidate at CSU. Each library Anne has worked in has required a transformation in some way: sometimes digital, others programs and services, and most often a re-organisation of library spaces and collections. Anne’s current project is a new library space inside Melbourne’s Carey Baptist Grammar School’s Centre for Learning and Innovation building project which is due to open in 2016.

Upcoming Presentations:

Rethinking the Collection: Principles and Practice for 21C School Libraries | SYDNEY



A one-day seminar with Lyn Hay & leading practitioners.
Date: Monday 16th November, 2015
Time: 9.00am - 3.30pm
Location: Waterview Convention Centre, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park, SYDNEY
Accreditation: BOSTES/QTC NSW to AITSL National Teaching Standards (see below for details for other states)
Registration Fee: $299.00 ($328.90 GST incl) 

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A one day seminar with Lyn Hay and a panel of leading practitioners including Jason Saikaly, Barker College, Sydney and Anne Whisken, Carey Baptist College, Melbourne exploring new ways of designing school library collections to support access and learning.

Many Australian schools have designed a new library facility, or refurbished an existing school library building, in the past few years. With this has come a re-imagining of the school library as a flexible learning space featuring open plan design, moveable furniture, with a focus on resource and learning zones to accommodate greater diversity in library programs and services. This shift has also been reflected across the library sector in general, with public, state and academic libraries rethinking how they provide space and collections to best support the needs of their communities.

As users respond to the evolution of library facility design, their perceptions and expectations of what a library has to offer, and their preferences for interacting with collections and services are also evolving. This has resulted in teacher librarians rethinking the way they organise, display and provide access to multi-format collections of print and digital resources, arfefacts, equipment and devices. Issues such as genrefication, ‘ditching Dewey’, using Australian Curriculum codes, QR codes, app-enabled portals for digital information provision, and drawing upon bookstore and retail models to re-arrange physical collections and spaces, are just a few of the trends currently impacting on the evolution of the 21C school libraries.

Participants will:

  • Be introduced to key issues and trends currently influencing new ways of designing school library collections to support access and learning.
  • Examine research on the evolution of user behaviour, and resource classification and arrangement, in 21C libraries.
  • Examine how publishing industry standards and bookstore design are informed by patron behaviour, and what school libraries can learn from these.
  • Understand the implications of Australian Curriculum learning areas, content codes, cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities for collection arrangement, access and use in schools.
  • Be introduced to a range of approaches to collection organisation, display and access in 21C library design by leading practitioners.
  • Examine recent changes in SCIS genre and subject heading standards, and the implications of these for school library collection design.
  • Explore the implications of ‘rethinking the collection’ within the context of collection management policy, process, and practice.

For Proficient Teachers

Completing seminar Rethinking the Collection: Principles and practice for 21C School Libraries will contribute 5 hours of QTC Registered PD addressing 2.1.2, 2.6.2, 3.4.2, 3.6.2 and 4.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.


"The Rethinking the Collection seminar is highly relevant to school libraries... Not only did the presenters have expertise in the genrefication process, they presented with warmth and humour. The seminar content was well researched and I have walked away not only feeling inspired but also with a practical plan in place of how to approach this practice. Thank you Syba Academy for a well-rounded day."

"It was relevant, it presented a number of different ideas and points of view. It has inspired me to change. I appreciate the availability of presenters slide so that I could spend lots of time listening. I still wrote notes, but not many."

"I came away with lots of things to think about and how we can make more of a statement with our library and how to encourage reading and a love of literature through some reorganising of the physical collection. thanks for some great thought provoking ideas."

"I loved the logical progression of the sessions throughout the day and the quality of the presenters. The food and the venue were very good."

"Solid practice examples backed by theory."

------ Participants Melbourne, February 2015

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