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Lee FitzGerald has been a teacher librarian in Sydney schools, catholic and government, primary and secondary for more years than she cares to add up. Her passion is inquiry learning, and she believes the time is right for inquiry, as the theory and practice of Guided Inquiry meets the National Curriculum. She is currently Head Teacher Librarian at Loreto Kirribilli, but will leave there at the end of the year to become a lecturer in teacher librarianship at Charles Sturt University.

Lee is contracted by ABC-Clio to write a third book in their Guided Inquiry series.

Lee and fellow Teacher Librarian Alinda Sheerman have been using the results of Action research to share at conferences in order to teach other Teacher Librarians about using Guided Inquiry in their schools. Lee & Alinda attended the Third International Research Symposium 2013 held by the Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (CISSL) in New Brunswick. It was entitled Digital Youth, Inquiry and the Future School Library and Lee and Alinda were asked to share the Action Research they had been doing on Guided Inquiry in their Australian schools. Lee and Alinda also created and manage a wiki called Guided Inquiry Community where Teacher Librarians can obtain assistance and scaffolds for their own schools. http://guided inquirycommunity.pbworks.com

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