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Aleesah Darlison is a multi-published children’s author. She writes picture books and novels for children and young adults, both in the contemporary fiction and fantasy genres. She also reviews books for The Sun Herald.

Aleesah’s picture books include Little Meerkat, Bearly There (NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge), Puggle’s Problem (NSW PRC) and Warambi (2012 CBCA Notable Book Eve Pownall Award: Non-Fiction; 2012 Wilderness Society Award for Children’s Literature Shortlist; NSW, QLD & SA PRC). Her chapter books include Fangs and Little Good Wolf (VIC PRC). Her novels and popular series are I Dare You, the Unicorn Riders Series (SA PRC), the Totally Twins Series (NSW & SA PRC) and the Ash Rover Series.

Aleesah has won numerous awards for her writing including an Australian Society of Authors (ASA) mentorship. Aleesah’s short stories have appeared in the black dog books Short and Scary Anthology, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Hopscotch: Packed Lunch Anthology, Fight or Flight Anthology, The School Magazine and Little Ears Magazine.

She is a founding director of Literature Live! an organisation delivering literary content to classrooms across Australia and internationally through video conferencing technology. When Aleesah isn’t working on her next book, she’s usually chasing after her three energetic children and her two frisky dogs.

Aleesah's Books

Puggles Problem
by Aleesah Darlison. Illustrated by Sandra Temple.

Pipp Puggle is a tiny echidna with a big problem. Although he's good at doing lots of things, like; hunting ants, curling into a ball, and building terrifically tidy burrows, Pipp's spines simply will not come.

Tired of waiting for them to appear, Pipp sets out on a quest to make them grow. But he soon learns that some things can’t be rushed...

This is a gentle, humorous tale emphasising the importance of perseverance and patience. It also showcases some of Australia’s best-loved native animals and their unique characteristics.

Unicorn Riders Series
by Aleesah Darlison. Illustrated by Jill Brailsford.

Unicorn Riders is a fabulous fantasy adventure series for girls aged 8 and over. There are eight books in the series. The stories are designed to empower young female readers.

Avamay is a magical yet dangerous kingdom. The Unicorn Riders protect the people with courage and skill. They ride as one.

There are four Riders and each is assigned to care for a unicorn that is as unique as they are. The Riders are: Willow (Head Rider), Quinn, Krystal and Ellabeth. The unicorns are: Obecky, Ula, Estrella and Fayza. The Unicorn Riders' motto is: WE RIDE AS ONE!

Visit Aleesah's website for more of her titles.

Aleesah's Workshops

Australian Animals – Puggles & Little Bent-wings (suitable for preschools and primary schools K-2)

Do you love animals? Do you know what a puggle is? Or what bats eat? Find out the answers to these questions and more. This session focuses on the uniqueness and diversity of Australian native wildlife and the preservation of animal species and habitats. Aleesah shares the unique experiences of her childhood growing up in the country and shows how she uses those experiences to write her books.

Using soft toys, puppets and loads of audience participation, Aleesah brings her picture books, Puggle’s Problem and Warambi to life.

Includes readings from the books and a powerpoint presentation. Puggle’s Problem is on the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge. Warambi is a 2012 CBCA Notable Book (Eve Pownall Award for Non-Fiction) and was shortlisted for the 2012 Wilderness Society Environment Award.

Fangs, Fears and Fractured Fairytales (primary school Yr1-Yr3)

In this session, Aleesah uses her humorous stories to show children the positive side of life. Fangs is a hilarious story about Max, a boy with a phobia of animals. Max ultimately faces up to his fear with the help of his friend. Little Good Wolf is a feel-good story exploring self-worth, confidence and parent-child relationships. It provides a fresh spin on a familiar fairytale villain: the Big Bad Wolf. Children will see wolves and fairytales in a whole new light.

Includes group activities to create worry dolls to ease fears and a brand new fractured fairytale. Perfect for early independent readers discovering their first chapter books and for children who love animals and stories.

Irresistibly Cute and Cuddly – Teddy Bears & Meerkats (suitable for preschools and primary schools K-2)

Bearly There is a delightfully humorous tale about a boy and his bears, about new friends and old, and about love and loyalty. Little Meerkat is a hilarious tale about a baby meerkat who thinks he’s much bigger than he is. When a sneaky snake arrives on the scene, Little Meerkat realises he has much to learn.

Share the magic, joy and ‘hidden’ lessons of these two beautiful picture books in a fun session that includes games, singing, readings of both books and loads of crowd participation.

Any many more, including:

  • Inspirational Journeys (senior primary)
  • Down With Bullying (senior primary)
  • Boys Own Adventure (Yrs2-6)
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Art of Story/Narrative Writing
  • Fantasy Fun: Creating Characters & Settings
  • Diaries & Memory Books

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