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Moya Simons was born in Moree NSW. Moya has since written 35 books and has had some forty short stories published by both commercial and literary magazines. Her books have been published in the UK and the USA. They have also been translated into five European languages. Japanese and Mandarin.

Moya has been shortlisted four time for the Young Australian Best Book Award, WAYRBA (five times) the Speech Pathology Award, Davitt (Crime-Writers)Award, the KOALA and REAL Awards. She has won the KROC Award of 2011. Segments of her books are also being used both here and overseas in the education market for students.

Additionally, her current book, Let me Whisper you my Story has been released in Germany in October 2012 and has been listed as one of the top fiction reads of 2012. It is currently a best seller in Germany and entering the school market. This book is an historical novel about World War 2, and is also being introduced into schools in New South Wales. It is a finalist in the 2013 German Youth Literature Awards and shortlisted for the Western Australian Best Book Award 2013.

She writes for children aged 6 through to young adult. She is particularly noted for addressing the needs of reluctant readers.

Moya's Books

Tomato Sauce of Course
by Moya Simons. Illustrated by Jim Grimwade.

When Tammy discovers that Aussie Tomato Sauce has been discontinued, she is devastated. She searches the shelves of nearly every shop and is unable to find a single bottle. Nothing tastes right without her beloved sauce.

Tammy decides to distract herself and works on her school project about the life cycle of a shark. She later finds just one last bottle of sauce and she ties it around her neck to keep it safe. Little does Tammy know just how useful her sauce will become in a real emergency …

Let me whisper you my story
by Moya Simons.

Rachel is German and Jewish and living in Leipzig,Germany. Life is good, and revolves around Sabbath meals shared with her happy family.With the outbreak of World War II, their lives are changed. The family are forced to move from their comfortable home into cramped housing, and when the Nazis arrive to finally take the family away they don′t know what is to become of them.

But Rachel′s father gives her instructions that save her life. He also tells her not to speak. Rachel remains quiet for the rest of the war, but what happened to her family? Will Rachel regain her voice now that she really needs it?

Visit Moya's website for more of her titles.

Moya's Workshops

Moya has worked at many schools throughout New South Wales and Queensland as a speaker/author and creative writing teacher. She has also addressed librarians/teachers and formulated ideas to assist children who are having difficulty in comprehension.

As Moya has written a lot of ‘funny’ books, she uses these to talk to younger children.

Moya's latest role at schools is centred around her book Let me Whisper You My Story. As Holocaust studies are compulsory in Years 9 and 10 in New South Wales she discusses this book, which is about a child in hiding, and the ramifications of living in a Nazi regime. This book is being used extensively in schools and gives a historical background to World War 2 and an endearing story about a young child in hiding. It is suitable for children aged 10 + but is cross-over fiction and used in high schools as well. The workshop talks about research, the characters, plot etc.

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