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Patricia Bernard has travelled the world, working as a teacher, ship’s cook, painter, travel guide and much more. With such a wealth of experience to draw upon, it is easy to see why she turned to writing. Her first children’s book, ‘Riddle of the Trumpalar’, was published in 1981, (written under the pseudonym of Judy Bernard Waite) and has sold more than 100,000 copies. It was subsequently turned into a film script, a talking book and a computer game. Patricia has published forty-two books including several adult novels.

Patricia's Books

The Lost Tail
Patricia Bernard and Tricia Oktober.

IThe Bundi Boys dance group will perform their snake dance in the competition at the Goroka Show. Little Nura will carry the snake's tail in the dance, but what happens when the snake loses its tail? About the Goroka Show: Each year, groups from all over Papua New Guinea take part in the Goroka Show. This colourful cultural gathering attracts thousands of participants in a celebration of Papua New Guinea's diverse tribal rituals, talents, music and dances.

Legend of the Three Moons
Patricia Bernard.

Five children held captive in an ever-changing forest, trapped by their own memory loss, face the battle of their lives to overcome evil and reclaim their birthright.

Why do they only have some memories for one day? What is the purpose of the Three Moons' Song? Which of their magical gifts will allow the children to conquer the riddles of the imprisoned mermaid, the chained eagle and the frozen dragon?

Adventure and danger abound as Lyla, Celeste, Lem, Chad and Swift face enchanters, murderers, shape thieves, monsters and slave traders to save all that is precious to them.

More of Patricia's Books

Patricia's Workshops

"Pictures in your head - for infants classes (90mins)

Patricia explains how she includes neighbours, animals and her own children in stories, how to mix fact, fiction, fantasy and history to make an adventure and what tools a writer needs. She explains why writing is fun and better than watching television. Her talk covers titles, endings, cover art, a magic writer’s plan, which shows the children how easy it is to make a story. The session ends with the students’ involvement in a play called ‘The Book Factory’ and question time.

Who needs an ending - for primary classes (90mins)

Using her books, Patricia covers the above ‘’Pictures in your Head” as well as plot and character development, character scrap-books, storylines, first edit, second edit and how to send a manuscript to a publisher or competition. She explains how to write their own chapter book novel, how to draw a plan for their story and how to use margins, paragraphs and speech marks to expand their story. Question time.

High Schools

Special adult style programme including all the above and lots more.

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