• In Your Library Vinyl Lettering
    In Your Library Vinyl LetteringIn Your Library Vinyl LetteringIn Your Library Vinyl LetteringIn Your Library Vinyl Lettering

    In Your Library Vinyl Lettering

    • $235.95 inc. GST
    • RRP $235.95 inc. GST
    • Product Code: 033d

    This In Your Library vinyl lettering will be an excellent visual addition to your library.This vinyl lettering is supplied in Grilled Cheese font as individual words for application as per the example designs (Application instructions included).

    Use anywhere in the library to reflect 21st century learning values.

    Suitable for application to most smooth surfaces including walls, windows, bayends, doors and windows. Once adhered vinyl lettering can be removed but not reused

    This Vinyl Lettering is available individually or as a set:

    • In Your Library Set of 4 applied as shown measures 2000mm x 920mm
    • Connect measures 460mm x 920mm
    • Inquire measures 460mm x 820mm
    • Create measures 460mm x 775mm
    • Explore measures 460mm x 860mm

    This vinyl lettering is available in reverse for application on the inside of a window for exterior viewing and is also available in a range of colours to suit your library. Please specify on your order.

    Please contact us for custom size and colour options to suit your library space.

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