The Consolidating Learning in Practice (CLiP) program is unique to Syba Academy. We understand busy educators need scaffolding, instructional support, motivation, and deadlines, just like their students!

The CLiP program provides Syba Academy members with the opportunity to extend the professional learning they gain from attending a Syba course, including seminars, workshops, masterclasses, and in-school inservice days. This involves applying your new learning in your school within one month of attending the Syba Academy course.

The process is simple. Just add a CLiP as an option when registering for a Syba Academy course.

After you have attended the Syba course, you will be required to complete a short proposal form within 7 days, detailing the activities you plan to undertake in your school (in the next month) to consolidate your new learning in practice. Once this is approved, you turn your new learning into new action at school.

This is your opportunity to test out new ideas, discuss your learning and new initiatives with colleagues, and capture evidence of your new learning and your action. At the end of the month you are required to reflect on how you consolidated your new learning in practice, documenting both process and outcomes according to the NSWIT/AITLS professional standards for teachers. This documentation is then submitted for assessment to receive endorsed credit for those professional learning hours completed.

So let’s make professional learning count. Consolidate your learning in practice at school with!

Wherever you see this icon you can choose to CLiPit! You can also CLiPit on the day of any eligible Syba Academy course.

Add: $199 (plus GST) per course

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