Develop a Customised Digital Citizenship Policy and Program in your School

13th October 2015

Syba Academy is excited to announce two upcoming Digital Citizenship Online Extension Courses.

These courses are designed to provide teachers, teacher-librarians, curriculum and e-learning coordinators with an opportunity to develop a digital citizenship policy and program to address the specific needs of their school community.

The knowledge, skills and behaviours that people of all ages as digital citizens need to develop, understand and practice are explored using Ribble’s (2011) nine elements of digital citizenship. These include: digital access, digital commerce, digital communication, digital literacy, digital etiquette, digital law, digital rights and responsibilities, digital health and wellness, and digital security.

School teams of 2-5 participants are encouraged to enrol as their school’s Digital Citizenship Working Party. This can lead to a school planning and implementing a schoolbased program to effectively address their community’s digital citizenship issues and challenges.

Each course is conducted over a period of four weeks and involves a minimum commitment of 15 hours.

Participants can complete the course in their own time, however will be expected to invest approximately 4 hours per week to complete a range of learning activities and school-based initiatives, engage in online professional discussions with the instructor and course participants, and document the outcomes of their learning according to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

A maximum of 30 participants are enrolled in this course at a time to ensure participants gain individual instruction and feedback throughout the course.

Testimonial Mt Alvernia College, Kedron, QLD
Participating in the Digital Citizenship course provided by the Syba Academy assisted us in understanding the imperative role of educators as models and stewards of digital citizenship in 21st century learning environments. It also provided us with the foundation for the digital citizenship practice and programmes in the Mount Alvernia iCentre.

Importantly, the course was the catalyst for us to evolve from a digital citizenship approach that was haphazard, to one that is intentional and systematic.

It has been a year since we completed the course and we continue to build on the foundations provided by Syba Academy. The course gave us the knowledge, resources and skills that have started us on our journey of working with the College Leadership Team on a whole-school Digital Citizenship policy that will provide vision for the college community.

We believe that by building student capacities in digital literacy and digital citizenship, the iCentre team are enacting their responsibilities as information specialists and serving as leaders in the school.

The Digital Citizenship course was the most practical and relevant professional development we have participated to support us in this. We highly recommend this course to any professional interested in developing or improving a successful digital citizenship programme within their school.

Helen Stower, Curriculum Leader (Information Services & iCentre)

Kathryn Schravemade, Teacher-Librarian Mount Alvernia College, Kedron, Qld

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