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We are pleased to announce our new Syba Academy Programs! We have a range of new formats that are suitable for in-school in-servicing.

With the introduction of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, teachers are now responsible for charting a course to meet their own learning goals.

While attending workshops are a necessary form of Professional Development for teachers, the learning experience should not stop when you exit the PD venue.

Will Richardson explores what it means for students and teachers to now have access to knowledge through tools and apps in their pockets.

As part of Syba Academy's Connected Educator Summit we interviewed Shannon McClintock Miller to get to know her better.

Recently, Syba Academy hosted a series of hands-on digital curation workshops. The workshops were designed to provide teachers with the capacity to resource topics of the Australian Curriculum .

The teacher librarian is an important partner for teachers who are designing inquiry units. In fact, a teacher librarian who has digital curation knowledge is an incredible asset to a school community.

The need for digital citizenship programs to be developed in schools has been ongoing since the mid-1990s. So nearly 20 years on, why have so few schools developed policies and programs?

Guided Inquiry is a framework designed to support students while engaging in inquiry learning tasks. The Australian Curriculum requires students to develop skills and understandings as critical inquirers.

At the Connected Educator Summit Shannon M Miller explored how to make the most of your online connections to bring a voice to your students, your library and whole school community!

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